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Welcome to Wigram Lodge

Wigram Lodge is a modern accommodation complex in the Wigram suburb of Christchurch providing clean, warm and comfortable furnished single rooms. Wigram Lodge is suitable for short or long term stay from a few weeks to a permanent stay. Our contracts are flexible and tenants need only give 48 hours notice to vacate. The rooms are furnished and include power and heating in the winter. Tenants also have the option of purchasing further services such as phone and internet.

Wigram Lodge is set in an attractive garden with many tenant facilities such as communal lounges, gym, outdoor areas, bike storage, car parking,  many equipped kitchens, bathroom facilities and more. Further services include internet access.

The lodge is conveniently located close for shopping, study, recreation, travel and work as well as being serviced by the Christchurch bus network.

Onsite management with a team of friendly staff are available to help you daily

Wigram Lodge Gardens

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